Strategy & Consulting
Digital Marketing Service
Customer Care Program
Warehouse & Fullfillment
Conversion Optimization
Marketplace Management
Tiktok Shop Partner

Strategy & Consulting

Competitor & Market Analysis

Resonate with your current business state and find a solution to integrate with top of line digital presence. Using latest market research tools and knowledge, we’ll ensure the data provided is proven and up to date.

Digital Road Map Development

Plan step by step of how we can do optimal marketing and get ideal result. We’ll develop the online strategy that unique to your needs.

Goal & KPI Suggestions

There’s no ideal result without setting the initial goals at the start. We’ll suggest the numbers that in line with your business needs and situations.

Digital Marketing Strategy

There is no one Digital Marketing solution that can fit to all business. We’ll design the most proper Digital Marketing Strategy that inline with your Goals and KPI to ensure the maximum result.

Content Planning

They say “Content Is King”. What you show to your audience represent you. We’ll ensure that our content is specifically designed be consistent with your brand’s integrity on every digital channel.

Digital Marketing Service

Marketplace Brand Store Building & Maintenance

Marketplaces is the first place to go for online buying and it’s way beyond just upload pictures, write descriptions or hit the store shelves. Listing optimization, the visuals, the keywords that used in description or the reviews…Don’t worry, we’re good at this.

Web Development

Building owned website sometimes is a tricky but necessary part in business. We build and execute integrated Website for businesses to reach new heights in this boundless World Wide Web.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Business need to be on top of the competition. In digital world, search engine is the primary tool to find everything. We can help you stay ahead of in search engine game.

Paid Digital Advertising

Stand above the crowd by having top of line digital advertising partner is always a good investment. We can target audience that connect to your business with our expertise in digital advertising. More than just driving traffic to your website - we do it in professional way: A complete and sound structure, a keywords list to meet your goal, and creatives attract customers.

Social Media Maintenance

Reach, connect, engage customer in social media is a must in Digital Marketing world. We’ll create, manage, and optimize proper content on social media to make your brand customer’s top of mind, ensure their engagement, and further loyalty improvement.

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Influencer is the internet hype in digital era. We’ll connect you to the Influencer whose image fits your brand image that can improve the brand preference and further bring in more sales.

Customer Care Program

24/7 Customer Service

Engage the customer online with hospitality and make them smile. We will ensure your customer the best satisfaction by providing 24/7 integrated Customer Service.

Outbond Service

Reach your customer to get data and insights! More of it, to get more revenue of your business. We can support you with Call Survey, Data Verification, Billing Information, Collection, and more.

Omni-channel Customer Service

Customer online on lots of digital channels. We support on how your customer wants to connect with in the most convinient way. Call, Chat, Email, Social Media, Web Tickets, and even other channels.

Leads to Conversion Generator

Convert your leads into customer via our Telesales team. Furthermore, we can help you to initate CRM activation through our expert Digital expertise, Partnership, and event to generate database and convert them into sales.

Customer Queries Insight

Customer Queries insight Data is the most interesting part in digital world. We’ll provide consistent report on how your customer interact with us and their opinions. Monthly report with deeper analysis and get your business in the right track of your customer behaviour.

Warehouse & Fullfillment

Warehouse placement

High quality product must be treated with the best quality hands on service. We care and treat your products in neat, clean, and properly managed. Each product will be classified as per type, color, and quantity to ensure effectiveness in managing the stock and quality control.

Warehouse management system

The management of the whole supply chain process from inbound to outbond. Ensure the quality service of delivery and bring happiness right to your Customer door. We maximize your inventory reach, save cost and time with our In-Store fulfillment capabilities.

Goods packing

More than proper packaging, insurance of the product safety is important as well. We pack your products with the professional hands and process. We make sure your customers will receive their ordered goods in the perfect condition.

3PL system connection

We have integrated system with our 3PL partner to ensure the product delivery arrive to your customer. They just need to sit and relax in their home with confidence to have the product in time and easily monitor the delivery status on their mobile with a cup of tea on the other hand.

Real-time system reporting

No more worries in managing the stock and thinking inventory plan. Monitor your stock and inventory through our real-time system reporting. Our live and accurate data will help you in making the right business decision.

Conversion Optimization

Data Driven Analysis

You know the incredibly importance of data, it helps you to make the decisions and optimize your operations. So does your digital marketing…With data driven analysis, we’ll get the insight and make further necessary improvement.

SEO Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization is not one time development. it need to be long-term maintained. We’ll maximize existing SEO performance by using latest technique to stay on top of search engine game.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate is one of the main performance indicator to optimize in Digital Marketing. We’ll implement good CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization) technic to ensure your maximum profitability.

Product Update Generator

Convert your leads into customer via our Telesales team. Furthermore, we can help you to initate CRM activation through our expert Digital expertise, Partnership, and event to generate database and convert them into sales.

Customer Queries Insight

The product that other people share on social media tend to have higher conversion rate because it’s a real person recommendation. We will help to generate shareable content to ensure optimal product awareness.

Marketplace Management

Design & Development

We will creating user friendly design and development that makes great UX better and managing a content based on SEO philosophy to make the visibility of the product better.

SKU Management

We provide Professional SKU Management to ensure the optimizing inventory level.

e-Store Marketing

We designing an advance e-store marketing on own platform or channel partners like Tokopedia, Lazada, Shoppee, Bukalapak, etc so all clients will get benefit starting from traffic increasing of the e-store, business growth and branding.

Logistic & Warehouse

We provide end to end services to maximize your inventory reach, save your shipping cost and time and Stock management.

Customer Relationship Management

We provide 24/7 Omni channel customer services so there is no distance between you and your customers whether they give some valuable input or asking a feedback.

Tiktok Shop Partner

TikTok has officially appointed Egogo Hub Indonesia to be their partner to provide TikTok Shop services, where you just sit back and relax and let Egogo think of everything with a low investment! Egogo can provide a tailor-made TikTok live streaming service just for your brand.

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