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10 Christmas and New Year's Perfect Gifts for Your Partner

10 Christmas and New Year's Perfect Gifts for Your Partner

Want to purchase memorable Christmas and New Year's gift for your partner? Why don't you buy what they want? Egogo Hub creates recommendations for this year's Christmas and New Year; True Wireless (TWS) Earphones for him and hair straightener for her. Here's the list for 5 recommended TWS and 5 recommended hair straightener.

For him: True Wireless Earphones

1. Soul ST-XX

This US brand product is using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which makes the transmission almost delay-free and its battery can reach 20 hours. The feature of AAC (Advance Audio Codec) created depth bass without sacrificing mids and highs. The earphones also equipped by Transparent Audio Mode, which make user can hear surrounded voices although the music is playing. The design of Soul ST-XX is also elegant with 6 variants of color. The product also has an IPX5 feature with weatherproof technology.

2. Nakamichi My Ears 2 TW1 Plus

If you're seeking for good quality sound, then Nakamichi My Ears 2 TW1 Plus is your answer. The earphone is lightweight and very comfortable in the user's ears. In normal volume, the TWS can last 3 hours and has a charging box with fast charging. It can be charged only for half an hour.

3. Apple Airpods

Apple is also presenting their TWS named Airpods. With W1 Chip generates stable audio transmission, high details, and its battery can last for 24 hours.

4. Jabra Elite Sport

The design of Jabra Elite Sport is comfortable in the user's ears so that the user can using the earphones during exercise or workout. The quality is superior to all music genres. 

5. Samsung Gear iconX

People can use Samsung Gear iconX not only for listening to music, but also can be utilized watching movies, phone calls, as well as doing exercise. The TWS has fitness tracker feature, which provides information about running speed, distance, heart pulse and the number of calories burned. The battery can last for 4.5 hours nonstop and also equipped with a charging box for 3 times charging.

For her: Hair Straightener

1. TUFT Diamond Styler 1 Inch

The plate of TUFT Diamond Styler 1 Inch covered by floating ceramic, so that it can create softer hair and natural luster. It takes under 30 seconds to collect the heat, has comfortable handling, and automatic temperature lock.

2. Elona Vermicelli Ultra-Mini Hair Straightener

Elona Vermicelli Ultra-Mini Hair Straightener is a traveling hair straightener. The mini size will make the user with short hair feel comfortable. The design is very compact and sleek. 

3. Glampalm Crescent GP 202

The design of Glampalm Crescent GP 202 is compact and has a curved plate that can form the user's hair to straighten or curly. Users can set the temperature based on their hairstyle.

4. Remington Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish Straightener S7500-AP

Remington Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish Straightener S7500-AP can increase hair luster up to 86% and neutralize hair curling up to 82%. The product is also using a ceramic plate with keratin and argan oil to restore the damaged hair and nourish it. 

5. Repit Titi Shinner Straightener

Titi is derived from the Spanish word means young woman or teenager. But in Korea, Titi is called "aegyo", which also means cute. Using the titanium plate, it can maintain the heat and spread the heat evenly.

Hopefully, our recommendations above can end your confusion. Because Christmas and the new year are coming soon, visit your favorite marketplace immediately. Happy hunting!