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7 Things Must Be Carried During Ramadan Homecoming

7 Things Must Be Carried During Ramadan Homecoming

One of the traditions in Ramadan is Lebaran homecoming. This annual activity requires a lot of preparations to make going homecoming more enjoyable. 

To make your trip more memorable, try to list the following items that you should bring:

1. Handphone

To create fun homecoming, your mobile phone can be your entertainment while stuck in the homecoming trip. You can watch videos on YouTube, chat, playing games or even call your family.

2. Powerbank

Homecoming without a power bank is like an impossible thing. While you are busy chatting or updating to social media, but suddenly your cellphone is out of power, while the trip is still far away. Bring a power bank, thus you can still communicate with others and accessing the internet.
If you still don't have a good power bank, why don't you try Philips 10.000 MAH DLP-6712 Powerbank? This Powerbank is very ideal for traveling because it has a high-capacity Li-polymer battery and Philips Smart Protection features.

3. Neck Pillow

A neck pillow will be very helpful on your trip journey. The pillow will help head position and help you to relax. The neck pillow can help head position so that it doesn't fall to the right or left side so that it keeps the head position.

4. Earphone or Headset

The song can be your traveling companion during homecoming. Therefore, bring earphones or headphones is like a mandatory item for you to bring into the trip. If you don't have any earphone or your earphone been damaged, why don't you check Soul Impact Wireless, which specifically designed an unexpected and amazing listening experience. With Soul's Signature Sound will let you have a balance of low-bass but without sacrificing mids and highs.

But, if you prefer an earphone with cables, you should choose Nakamichi N7 Earphones, due to this earphone has a super bass treble sound that balanced and perfect for acoustic or upbeat music.

5. Medicine

Homecoming requires you to prepare more in order to get to your destination in a healthy condition. Therefore, bringing medicines such as vitamins, headache medicine, stomach ulcers and so on is mandatory, so that your trip will be more smooth.

6. Camera

Maybe your smartphone has been equipped with a camera, but it would be even better if you capture the beautiful moments during a homecoming trip with a camera, particularly when your trip is through some good locations for the photo.

7. Hair Dryer

For the women, you should look neat and lovely during homecoming and Eid Fitr, right? Why don't you arrange your hair with Tuft's hair dryer? With Play by TUFT Travel Hair Tools Package, your hair will always look luxurious. Hair dryer Play By Tuft is very suitable for traveling needs. Why? Because this hair dryer produces heat and a perfect breeze for your hair. There is also Play by Tuft Curling Iron which can create curly hair instantly. Both are designed lightly and simple for traveling.

That's a list of items that must be taken during homecoming. Some of those items are presented and powered by Egogo Hub.

What about your luggage during homecoming? The most important thing is to be careful of homecoming, hopefully, your homecoming is fun!