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E-Commerce Enabler Egogo Hub Indonesia Eyes MSMEs

E-Commerce Enabler Egogo Hub Indonesia Eyes MSMEs

After succeeded to lure various international in just one-year operation in Indonesia, e-commerce enabler Egogo Hub Indonesia plans to expand the market to segment of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The plan is considered were in line with Egogo's ambition to become the number one e-commerce enabler in Southeast Asia.

Egogo Hub Indonesia President Director Benny Tanadi explained the potential of MSMEs in Indonesia is very large, but still has a small portion that has entered the e-commerce market. 

"If we refer to data of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, there are currently 59.2 million entrepreneurs of MSMEs or approximately merely six percent. In matter of fact, Indonesia is the leading country of the e-commerce growth in Southeast Asia," said Benny Tanadi.

Egogo Hub Indonesia target to become top e-commerce enabler in Southeast Asia

According to e-conomy SEA 2018 report released by Google - Temasek in 2018, from the total business value of Southeast Asia e-commerce industry had reached US$23.2 billion, while Indonesia achieved US$12.2 billion or surpasses second and third positions occupied by Thailand and Vietnam with the valuation of US$2-3 billion.

"As many as 98.7% of businesses in Indonesia are MSMEs. Indonesia controls more than 50% of the valuation of Southeast Asia's e-commerce industry. This means Egogo should develop the MSMEs segment," continued Benny.

E-commerce enabler is a service company with all services for online brands. E-commerce enabler companies, especially Egogo Hub Indonesia, which provide complete professional services, including digital marketing, consulting and management (marketplaces, ads, SEO), content productions (photo, video, copywriting), social media management, customer relationship management, warehousing, packing, shipping, and designing. All of those services were wrapped into various strategies to lift the brand image and popularity.

If MSME businesses do not have any time, sources and expertise to run online store, e-commerce enablers might be your right solution. By using the services of e-commerce enablers, the brand continues to be developed, as well as their business and sales activities are still running, even when they are sleeping.

Egogo Hub Indonesia Develop MSME market

"Through this event, we also want our MSMEs to know that in addition to promoting their business in the local market, Egogo can make it go up to the international level by marketing it to six countries where the Egogo branches are located," said Benny Tanadi.

Benny added, there will be a special offer price for every MSMEs who wants to enter into a cooperation contract during the event. The event will be held soon, you who are interested in attending can monitor the information on Egogo social media: @egogohub.