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Egogo Hub Indonesia Holds Kick-Off Meeting and Employees Gathering

Egogo Hub Indonesia Holds Kick-Off Meeting and Employees Gathering

Egogo Hub Indonesia arranged Kick-Off Meeting and Employees Gathering at Tidung Island on January 4 - 5, 2020. This event was participated by entire employees from several departments, including Brand, Creative, Warehouse, CRM, IT, Business Development and Support Department. 


Egogo Hub Indonesia Gathering Games

The team started the trip from Kali Adem Dock, North Jakarta. From the dock, the team boarded by Bahari Express Ferry to Tidung Island by taking around 1.5 hours to safely landed on the island.


Egogo Hub Indonesia The Boat

Later, the employees are divided into groups, to start outing games at Tidung Kecil Island, snorkeling at the sea and see the sunset at Jembatan Cinta. In the evening, the Kick-Off Meeting was held. This year, the company carries the umbrella campaign of "Fight To The Top", which aims to become the number one brand enabler company across Indonesia. The Kick-Off also enlivened by prizes distribution to the best group, and some individual categories like the most effort person, most wise person, etc.


Egogo Hub Indonesia Paintball

According to Egogo Hub Indonesia Senior Operation Director, Bhineka Adhiprasetya "This Kick-Off Meeting and Employees Gathering aim to encourage Egogo Fighters to give TOP Service, TOP Solution, TOP Effort, to become the TOP Team in Fighting to the TOP in the business."


Egogo Hub Indonesia Kick-Off Meeting

The next day, the gathering continues by conduct paintball competition, playing at the beach and the entire event closed by all employees back to Jakarta.


Egogo Hub Indonesia Snorkeling Time!