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Egogo Hub Indonesia Open Donation To Flood Disaster Victims

Egogo Hub Indonesia Open Donation To Flood Disaster Victims

Early this decade Indonesia began with rain. Rain continues to flush the Greater Jakarta and surrounding areas since Tuesday afternoon (31/12/2019) with heavy intensity. The rain had indeed stopped at midnight. However, a few minutes after new year's eve, the rain fell again and continued to flush Jakarta and surrounding areas until the next day.


Jabodetabek Flood

According to BNPB Information Data Center Head Agus Wibowo, at least 23 points are 23 flooded points in Bekasi, 2 points in Bogor and 17 points in Jakarta. Meanwhile, the death toll had reached 60 people, with 92.621 refugees in 189 refugee points.


Jakarta Flood Map

Geospatial Expert, Bintang Rahmat Wananda explained local climate change occurs due to hot air trapped in the concrete jungle of an area, in this case, the city. So, over time will form certain weather patterns that change into the local climate. But this is only an estimate. But, it needs more deeply study to confirm the cause of the floods.


Open Donation for Coworkers

Some employees' houses of Egogo Hub Indonesia also affected by flood disasters. As an initiative movement, the company holds open donations for coworkers that hit by floods. The company hopes that the donation can ease the woes of victims.