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Egogo Hub Indonesia Welcomes Harbolnas with Electronic Days & Beauty Days

Egogo Hub Indonesia Welcomes Harbolnas with Electronic Days & Beauty Days

Egogo Hub Indonesia will take part in the National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) 2019. By teaming up with Tokopedia, Egogo Hub Indonesia will hold Electronic Days and Beauty Days. Both events will provide a discount of up to 81%.

As the brand enabler for local and global brands, Egogo Hub Indonesia will be supported by world-class audio brands, namely Soul Electronics (US) and Nakamichi (Japan) for Electronic Days, while Tuft and WCKD will the main supporter of Beauty Days.  

Egogo Hub Indonesia Head of Brand Strategy, Veer Seddarassan, said that Soul and Nakamichi believe many Indonesians are willing to enjoy the high-quality audio. Currently, only the middle class can enjoy the audio quality of Soul and Nakamichi. As a result, both brands want their collections can be enjoyed by all people across Indonesia.

Veer explained "All people loved music, but not all people can enjoy the high-quality technology like Soul and Nakamichi. Now, people can hear the good-quality music through Electronic Days."

Meanwhile, Veer expected Beauty Days can make women of Indonesia may enjoy the good quality of hair straightening from Tuft and wonderful makeup from WCKD.

"Soul Prime Wireless Headphone for example, the normal price is Rp1.5 million. But, during the Electronic Days, people can purchase with a discount of 81%, only for Rp275.000. The normal price of Nakamichi Soundbase 2.1 Music System is Rp5.5 million, but we've slashed the price to 50% discount. We will give discount to entire brands with minimum discount for 20%. This is a chance for people who recently seek Christmas gift, new year's gift or even for holiday preparation," Veer added.

Egogo Electronic Days will hold from December 12 - 15, 2019, while Egogo Beauty Days on December 16-21, 2019. Both events will be set in Tokopedia.