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Improve Your Work Productivity with Mobile Pixels Duex Pro

Improve Your Work Productivity with Mobile Pixels Duex Pro

In daily work activity, you should also be supported by integrated tools for your working productivity. If you have been excited to wake up early and have set up for today's work schedule, but suddenly your laptop is slow or even cannot be operated. Before starting your work, you better to prepare all the supporting tools at work so that you can get the maximum results you want. These tools are crucial in determining results, for example, if you want to see different data files, you have to go back and forth from one data to another.

With Mobile Pixels Duex Pro, you can increase your work productivity by up to 50%, because with multiple screens it will allow you to work multitasking and be more efficient.

The installation is also very easy, just attach Duex Pro to the back of the laptop, plug it in via a USB cable to the laptop port and install the driver. Done, your Mobile Pixels Duex Pro is ready for use. The 1080p screen is available with 270° sliding mode and 180° presentation mode. With a lightweight body (only around 753g), you can carry this screen extender everywhere you go.

Mobile Pixels Duex Pro Features
1. Easy to use
With very easy steps, you will find it easy to use Mobile Pixels Duex Pro.

2. Flexible rotation and double sliding features
When connected to a laptop, you can use Duex Pro with 180° presentation mode and can also be shifted for use on the right or left with rotation up to 270°.

3. Durable
Duex Pro is designed with high-quality materials so that it makes the screen extender durable and long-lasting.

4. Lightweight
Duex Pro will not burden you, because it only weighs around 735g.

5. Efficient Electricity 
To connect with a laptop, you don't need to carry a separate adapter, the electricity will be connected directly via a USB connection. Duex Pro is compatible with all laptops and is designed for 12.5 inches for the best performance.

6. High resolution
Duex Pro has a high-resolution screen 1080p (1920x1080FHD IPS panel), which produces a very clear resolution.

Buy Mobile Pixels Duex Pro with Cash or Installments, Up To 12 months at Akulaku. If you buy Duex Pro in installments, you have only to pay Down Payment for Rp99,000. 
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