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Quick Review of Breo iScrub Silicone Brush

Quick Review of Breo iScrub Silicone Brush

What is Breo iScrub Silicone Brush?

Breo iScrub Electric Facial Cleansing Brush is a facial cleanser which designed specifically for oily skin with a rough brush on the front and neutral and sensitive brush on the back. Use it every day in the morning or evening for 1 minute.

Why you have to use the Breo iScrub Silicone Brush?

Breo iScrub Silicone Brush have the latest cleaning technology by using thousands of pulse per-minute for deep and thorough facial cleansing. iScrub can be held by hand freely, which can lift the dead-skin-cells, open dirt inside the pores, oil, and makeup residues, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There is no need to change brush heads and no pain from coarse nylon bristles. It is much safer than other facial cleansing brushes.

The innovative model makes cleaning easier and efficient

Vibration mode: Equipped with high frequency vibration mode and environmentally-friendly silicon to help open pores more faster and effectively cleanse your face.

One click to change mode: Vibration mode changes from strong to weak in seconds. The curved brush head is easy to clean in the T-zone, effectively removing oil and dirt.

For massaging: iScrub using massage hair on the back to massage your skin, with the absorption of skin care products, lifting and tightening your face in order to improve blood circulation and make your face look shine.


Breo iScrub facial cleanser is a highly recommended facial cleanser. It can make your skin feels sensitive and make your skin color looks bright. Breo iScrub Silicone Brush can also remove makeup, it is great for gifts or personal use. We are highly recommending this cleanser, because it makes the skin feel very soft and clean. The skin does not feel too tight or dry after use.