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Xiberia V10, The Quality Gaming Headset with Affordable Price

Xiberia V10, The Quality Gaming Headset with Affordable Price

The gaming headset manufacturer, Xiberia, launches quality gaming headphones at affordable prices. Xiberia V10 Heavy Bass Stereo has a classic design with a solid steel frame and wire that can be adjusted to the user's head.

These headphones have a cushion, both for the head and for the ears, which are very soft and comfortable when used. Its weight also light, so it doesn't feel sore when worn the headphone. Equipped with a microphone for two-way communication with opponents playing with sound quality that is quite stable and clear.

While on the top of the Xiberia V10 headset is protected with rubber material, which ensures protection when the user brings headset during traveling. In the control section, this headset has the ability to mute the sound, turn off the LED lights and also change the volume level actively.

Xiberia V10 uses a USB connector that can be used on multiple devices. In addition, Xiberia V10 also has a classic 3.5-size jack version for gamers who use better sound cards. The USB port will supply power for the LED lights.

In terms of sound quality, Xiberia V10 Heavy Bass Stereo is able to provide detailed, clear instrument sound, strong bass and very compact. When used for playing games, Xiberia V10 can provide a very good experience during playing popular games such as CS: GO or Overwatch, as the detailed footsteps and bullet sounds are displayed accurately.

Overall, the Xiberia V10 is able to provide a very good sound experience, but users do not need to spend much money to buy it.

You can buy this cool gaming headset at Xiberia Nubwo Official Tokopedia.

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